About A Small Web Firm

A Small Web Firm is the professional outlet of a web developer by the name of Eric Peterson. It was born mostly out of branding necessity, given the proliferation of Facebook Pages like So and So Web Design (and my incredibly vanilla name), but also as a way to gain and highlight job experience while still being enrolled as a fulltime student at university (computer science and/or digital media majors take note: when you "own" your own "company," you can give yourself whatever title you want and it looks great on resumes).

I've got a fulltime job now at Tableau Software, but I tinker with other websites and contribute back to the nebulous "open source" in my free-time. This website serves as a way to document my experiences with the aforementioned. I'm not actively seeking new projects at this time, but if your Drupal website is in the awkward not-quite-but-will-soon-be-enterprise-sized (or smaller) phase and you're in need of a consultant, be in touch.

If you're looking to have t-shirts printed, I highly recommend A Small Print Shop.

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